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Ok, we wanted to do our weekly Vegan Challenge podcast, but Cedar Fever is kicking our ass right now! We sound like a cross between Lily Tomlin (phone operator) and Elmer Fudd. So, we decided to share our week one experience right here.

Here it goes:

Holy shit this is harder then we both thought; our hats off to the people that have been doing the Vegan thing for years. I have always been a label reader, but it hits an entirely different level when you are eating Vegan. Sophia was shocked to find out PopRocks( yes PopRocks) have milk in their ingredients.(If Mikey was only a Vegan)

We found some vast resources that can help if you’re not sure an ingredient is Vegan or not. Vegan Easy has a ton of information that can help make the transition easier. The Is It Vegan App is crazy helpful when you’re shopping or out to eat.

OK, what else can we share? 

Lastly, even though we might be complaining we are enjoying taking this challenge. Sophia & I both have learned that eating vegan doesn’t always mean it’s healthy and there’s a ton of soy in vegan foods.(not a fan but I guess everything in moderation)

Stay Tuned for next weeks wrap-up hopefully we will have gotten past our Cedar Fever!




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2 thoughts on “22 Day Vegan Challenge Week One is in the Books

  1. It’s amazing how many things aren’t vegan once you start looking at labels! Good job on your vegan challenge though 🙂

    Posted on 01/20/2018 at 2:04 am
    1. Thanks, Liz! don’t know if I can do Vegan 100% of the time but I am going to try.

      Posted on 01/20/2018 at 5:28 pm