Diana really shed some light on a topic that I hadn’t really thought about before reading her post. I have to admit I love both of my tattoo’s but I know many people who have had their tats removed for the reasons Diana mentions below.

Tattoos might seem like a very good idea when you first see them and get all excited, but that excitement doesn’t always last. Also, some jobs don’t allow any visible tattoos. And more often than not, that “bad boy/girl” look gets old, and people want a fresh start.

Luckily, with modern technology, this isn’t such a big deal. Tattoos can be removed safely and quickly, and you’ll be able to go back to your business almost immediately after. The only thing to worry about is physical activity. Follow these rules about working out after your tattoo removal, and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Before the procedure

There’s absolutely no reason to skip a workout before the tattoo removal. One is in no way related to the other, and you can follow your usual schedule until the very day of the procedure. The sweat is also not a factor in the removal, so you can come to the procedure straight from the gym if you wish. Your immune system and blood flow have to be in good shape for the tattoo removal to be safe and successful. Exercising helps with both of these, so it might be a good idea to work out a bit.

Smaller tattoos

Smaller tattoos are the easiest to remove – and to deal with afterward. You still need to follow the advice of your doctor and have regular checkups as instructed, but these tattoos and their removal shouldn’t affect your workout routine. Take a day off after the removal, and you’ll be fine. Don’t forget to take a shower after working out and change your dressing. The only thing that should worry you (and would require a visit to the doctor’s office) is swelling, but this almost never happens with small tattoos.

Larger tattoos

The rules are a bit more complicated when it comes to larger tattoos because the side effects can be more severe. Also, the exercising increases the blood flow which can cause bruising and swelling on the treated area. There’s no universal answer, but you should wait at least two days before going back to the gym. If the tattoo is on your leg or torso, it might take you as long as four days to recover fully. Don’t try to scale down, treat these days as cheat days and give yourself time to rest.

The type of workout

The timing and the intensity of the workout aren’t the only things to keep in mind. The kind of exercise you’re doing is also critical, and it might need to change at least for a while after you get your tattoo removed. If your workout routine requires you to press objects (like weights) on the area where your tattoo used to be, it might be best to take a break for a day or two depending on the size of the tattoo. Also, any stretches that require you to sit or lay on the treated area should be avoided as well.

Other considerations

The most important thing is to get your tattoo removed by a professional. Therefore, opt for tattoo removal in Parramatta, and you’ll be in safe hands. You will also get a set of instructions on how to take care of the area, including the details about working out and showering. Pay attention to these and take them seriously. For starters, you shouldn’t use a sauna for about five days after the procedure. Keep the area dry and use a mild shampoo to clean it during the shower. Do not pick scabs or scratch them regardless of the urge.

Removing a tattoo shouldn’t cause you too much trouble; you should be able to work out a few days after the procedure.


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