Aches and Pains Gone I've GOT MOTION! (1)

Aches and Pains Gone. I’ve GOT MOTION!

I am a former Division 1 college football player who is now 40 years old (can’t believe I just typed that number). I had a significant tear in my shoulder when I was playing and had my rotator cuff repaired. Then, about 10 years ago, I hurt the shoulder again and had another rotator cuff repair. Before this second surgery, the doctor told me my first surgery had been done in a “Mid-evil” fashion and he couldn’t believe that the repair had lasted this long. For various reasons, I was too active after this second surgery and ever since then (and a couple other “impacts” to the area) my shoulder has been just serviceable at best. It feels “crunchy” inside and I can no longer do anything with my shoulder or raise arms above my head. My doctor also said that I would need a replacement shoulder by the time I am 65 (Yeah! Something to look forward to!).

The worst thing about this is that I really enjoy lifting weights but my routine is forced to be limited considering these issues. Sometimes, when doing limited work (and after significant warming up), it feels OK but other times it is very stiff and painful. My wife gave me some of the Motion pills and asked me to try them out. I was AMAZED!!! When used consistently, I don’t have any pain or range of motion limitations while working out and can actually do many of the exercises that I could do as a younger (and more handsome) man. While I still don’t dare to do any exercises above my head, everything else feels great and I’m still able to keep “old man sexy” even though I am quickly losing all my hair (just on the top of my head, though; the rest of my body seems to be compensating). My stepfather tried it as well as he had some shoulder limitations due to past injuries and he was able to play golf pain-free!

For anyone that suffers any consistent muscle pains/aches, I would recommend trying Motion for a couple weeks and see if your issues are reduced as significantly as mine were. I’m not promising it will work for everyone but everyone I know who has tried it has had similar if not superior results. I rarely write reviews and am not getting paid at all for this (although I will take some free Motion if offered!) but anytime you experience such dramatic results, I think you have to share. Please try some Motion today and let me know if it’s able to help you as much as it has been able to help me!

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Joint and Tissue Nutrition

Get movin’. Life is full of adventure, and nobody likes to sit on the sidelines. Research shows taking steps at an early age to keep your body’s joints, ligaments, and tendons healthy is more crucial than ever to playing full out.

We hit the books and created a scientific blend of core nutrients, including Harvard-proven UC-II®, that are imperative for your body’s performance, flexibility and protection.

Whether you’re young and invincible, a weekend warrior, or a busy parent chasing the kids around the house, this unique and special formula is your key to protecting your body.

We didn’t need to find a miracle berry in a rainforest. We just turned to research and found the vitamins, minerals and potent ingredients our bodies need that modern food sources are lacking.

MOTION is BSCG certified, which means it’s quite literally the best of the best. This organization tests to make sure our products are pure and safe – and that’s something many nutritional supplements never do.

Whether you’re a high-performance athlete or someone with strict dietary needs, you can have complete confidence that MOTION contains nothing more and nothing less than what’s on the box. Call it complete confidence. Call it total nutrition. Call it good.

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