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Below I share our plans for the month of July and a few secrets too.  July is going to be a GOOD one!

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Look who’s stopping by in July

Brianne Pruitt a Registered nurse and integrative nutrition health coach from Hippie Dippie Mom

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As a product formulator, I have tried several brands of jars through the years.  When your designs are being placed in 5-Diamond Hotels and prestigious Beverly Hills plastic surgeons quality is everything! Infinity Jars offer just that with their slick modern design and gorgeous color; your bottle looks more like a piece of art than a place you store your favorite herbs or oils.


When you purchase your bottles make sure to use WALDORF20 to receive an additional 20% off your first order!!
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Tomorrow Philip & I are traveling to New Mexico and Colorado for a much-needed work/vacation.  Yes, there will be some work involved but as a solopreneur your always working in some fashion.  The good news is I love what I do so it doesn’t feel like work.   Our trip will involve some serious hiking and eating, so there are ten all-natural travel essentials I will make sure to pack in my suitcase.  Here are my favorites;

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When food sensitivities prompt us to try milk alternatives, it is necessary to do your research. Below we share just a few snippets about the four most popular milk alternatives.  You may also want to look into try cashew milk, rice milk, flax seed milk and pea milk.

Three Reasons You Should Stop Drinking Dairy Today

  • Cows are pumped with antibiotics and growth hormones. These antibiotics disrupt your gut health and weaken our immune systems.

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