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I know I always rave about my guests but let me just say Cordelia Gafar is a GAME CHANGER! Her words are powerful, precise and there is never any BS; another reason why I love her.  I encourage to take the time and listen to our conversation; you will not regret it. Grab some wine and push play.

Get to Know Cordelia:

As a mother of six, being a speaker,

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Much like in the health industry itself, its well-meaning offspring fitness is brimming with complex, inconsistent and often contradictory advice as to the best ways to achieve your goals. I’ve had so many people come to me with a variety of fitness problems, wondering why they’ve failed to solve them since they’ve religiously adhered to tips from seemingly reliable sources.

But the answer for most is surprisingly simple, although very difficult to discern in all the fluff and bluff of the industry.

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Dr. Julie Wilkening Asks Ten top experts: how we can change our habits and become the best person we can in our daily life?
Listen to our conversation where Dr. Julie shares some of the great topics her submit addresses and she also shares how to grab some FREEBIES TOO!!!


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Daily Habits Can Create Problems or Solutions: Which are you Creating??
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Learn about the oils I used to build my own ALL natural medicine cabinet using Young Living Essential Oils:


Ginger(essential oil) is said to of originated from India, and China. It was most likely brought to Europe between the 10th and 15th century as a condiment and spice. Ginger has been used as medicine for centuries and can be found in ancient Sanskrit and Chinese text. It is also mentioned in the literature of the ancient Greeks,

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