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Piggybacking off of last week’s post about Simple Ways You Can Improve Your Emotional Wellness; we wanted to share that May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Our family personally knows how the stigma of mental health, as well as the illness itself, can effect a family. It is our hope that sharing this information with our readers will not only encourage you to educate yourself on the stigma’s mental illness but your children too.

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My post title post might ruffle some feathers, but I am so glad Marianne started this discussion. Since this week’s posts are about how to improve our emotional wellness; I felt Marianne’s series speaks directly to the importance of the need to care for ourselves first.

When a fellow Mama blogging friend of mine, Marianne, asked me to be a part of a post on what “Having it All” meant to me, I have to admit that I had no clue where to even begin.   

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In some cases taking care of your spiritual wellness can mean seeking professional help, but it can also mean taking some simple steps to boost our emotional health. By making just a few simple changes, you can improve many aspects of our lives.

Let’s Get Started
1. Exercise- is one of the most efficient ways to improve your emotional health; it can be an immediate mood booster. Regular exercise can have a positive impact many ailments like depression,
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Avocados are an incredible source of nutrients; they offer our bodies nearly 20 vitamins and minerals in every serving. If you’re not a fan, I promise you will be once you are made aware of how nutritious these funky looking fruits are.

They are full of as much as 20% of our Recommended Daily Values: 

  • 53% Vitamin
  • 41% Folate
  • 33% Vitamin C
  • 28% Pantothenic Acid
  • 28% Potassium
  • 26% Vitamin B6
  • 21% Vitamin E
  • 19% Copper


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