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Jimi Hendrix once said.” that in order to change the world, you would have to get your head together first.” This interesting thought, however, this applies to virtually any change (improvement) you have in mind. You see, being under a constant pressure (both internal and external) can be quite problematic when faced on a daily basis. Sure, a lot of people experience this at work, but what happens when your home becomes so messy that it prevents you from ever truly relaxing.

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Diana really shed some light on a topic that I hadn’t really thought about before reading her post. I have to admit I love both of my tattoo’s but I know many people who have had their tats removed for the reasons Diana mentions below.

Tattoos might seem like a very good idea when you first see them and get all excited, but that excitement doesn’t always last. Also, some jobs don’t allow any visible tattoos.
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Susan Conley stopped by the blog to share her 20 nutrient-packed foods that can help us fight disease, give us a BOOST of energy and even help us lose weight.  A few of my favorites are spinach(eat full handfuls every morning for breakfast), dark chocolate is my afternoon snack and finally garlic.



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Below I share our plans for the month of July and a few secrets too.  July is going to be a GOOD one!

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Look who’s stopping by in July

Brianne Pruitt a Registered nurse and integrative nutrition health coach from Hippie Dippie Mom

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