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One Ripple Mission: To touch the lives of as many people as we can around the world with acts of love, kindness, and compassion.

Social media & mainstream news inundate us with political wars, economic, racial, religious, and gender divide, natural disasters, and climate change controversy. While we need to understand the challenges our planet faces, let us also remember and shine a light on the beauty, love, compassion, and kindness that exists as well.

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Falling leaves are like drops of rain. As individuals their value is insignificant; when pooled together, though, their worth is exceedingly high.


Each fall, nature generously provides us with the raw materials for many dollars worth of compost and garden aids in the form of leaves. The compost is not just good for our organic garden but good for the environment.


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Ever read books on goal-setting and just felt like, “That’s great, but that just won’t work

for me because I don’t have 5 hours each week to devote to working on my goals!”

Well, I’m excited to introduce you to a course that will give you hope – and an easy and


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