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Everytime Lisa Marie & Sarah Marie Thompson get together something magical happens, and their NEW 8-week course is proof.


The Golden Pineapple Project is an 8-week self-liberating experience that is for the woman who desires to harness the power of a supportive community to make her dreams come true.

You have the opportunity to…
– Take the golden path of self-empowerment and accountability

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Dr. Julie shares on our call today how you can get started on solid footing towards your next habit change, whether it starts with food, movement, quitting a habit that wastes time or starting a new helpful habit that improves your life.

You’ll Learn How to:

  • The steps to get on solid footing towards your next important habit change.
  • The top two weight loss habit changes that are not deprivation rooted
  • One thing you can use today,

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Insufficient physical activity is one of the leading risk factors for diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes and a significant cause of food addictions and weight gain.


Why do we fall in a slump of inactivity when we know we can do better?


As a Doctor and healthy habit change coach, I get it.

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So many families are trying to navigate the waters of ADHD/ADD, and most are drowning in too much information.  Today I am joined by Kathyrn Trudeau, a mother who knows firsthand how to maneuver through these turbulent waters.  Our conversation is chock full of alternative solutions; from the importance of diet, gut health, and playtime. So, sit back grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine and enjoy the show.


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