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My dear friend, Dr. Julie Wilkening, of the Habit Change LAB, along with 20 other health leaders are joining in to share some valuable information at the FREE, online Health, Healing and Weight Loss Training Series!

Get instant access to health, food, and weight-loss FREE resource downloads right now when you jump in.

Register here at Women Being Fit

They will be covering:

  • How to naturally subdue food cravings
  • New ways to get fit,

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Sophia & I have decided to start the year off with the 22+ Day Vegan Challenge.( you can join the FB Group here)

You May Ask Why Vegan?
Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Slim down and become energized: Veganism is a healthy way to keep the excess fat off for a good while leaving you with plenty of energy.
  2. An excellent way to help animals:  Did you know that every vegan saves more than 100 animals a year?

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I wonder if the ancient Babylonians kept their promises at the start of every year and returned their borrowed goods and paid their debts back. Because if the modern equivalent of their New Year’s resolutions is such a staggeringly unsuccessful habit that less than half will make it past the six-month mark, why do we persist with such a poor practice for literally thousands of years?

Maybe it’s merely another example of the Nietzschean eternal recurrence,

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Brain Fog may include symptoms of confusion, forgetfulness, lack of concentration and mental clarity. The harsh reality is that low thyroid function may be promoting brain degeneration. Possible reasons may breakdown include:

  • Increased brain inflammation.
  • Altered brain chemical function (neurotransmitter activity).
  • Promotion of brain autoimmunity.
  • Loss of blood-brain barrier integrity (leaky brain)

Brain Fog is a common symptom of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis it is unavoidable but treatable.

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