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If you have children with interest in gardening, the perfect one to start with is a butterfly garden. Butterflies are intriguing for the young and the old. As their populations have declined due to various threats, it’s an excellent idea to create a butterfly garden in your backyard to enjoy these beautiful creatures. I love sitting in our garden first thing in the morning; it is so peaceful watching all the butterflies & hummingbirds dance amongst the flowers.

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There are a lot of great reasons why should make your own household cleaners One of my favorites is it allows me to get our kids involved and with three dogs, two cats and my messy crew I can always use the help. The other benefit is avoiding the dangers of toxic store bought cleaners.

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homemaking hacks

It’s a new year and my house is need of some tender loving care!  So, I decided to search the internet to find 25 Homemaking Hacks to make the process simple and quick.  Below you will find hacks from blinding cleaning tools to tips on how to hire a cleaning service.( this makes a lot of sense:) Make sure to post your favorite homemaking hacks in the comment space below.

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