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You know the name Zig Ziglar: a beloved, motivational genius who helped millions of people around the world experience unprecedented success.

Today, Mr. Ziglar’s children, Cindy, Julie, and Tom work together through Ziglar, Inc. to continue their father’s legacy.


All three of Mr. Ziglar’s children have vivid memories of their father’s example of leadership in family spiritual matters.


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What’s the #1 cause of stress in relationships?


How about divorce?


Well, the #1 cause of both is one word we don’t like to talk about much:




The financial area of family life causes every single family stress at least some of the time.


That’s why I’m so excited to share something awesome with you…it’s a video from Dave Ramsey.

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What if you could sit down with a Super Bowl winning coach…


…and talk to him about…family?


Yes, family.


If anyone knows what it’s like to try to balance family and a career it’s Tony Dungy.


Yes, the former NFL player and Super Bowl championship coach…who also happens to be a proud father of 10.
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Help Us Reach More Children!

This past December Philip & I attended the annual fundraiser for Boys to Men of God, and it changed our lives.  Robert Hall, the founder of the organization, is a man on a mission and after his speech, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. We are so happy he has allowed our family to be a part of his organization: so when we found out he needed a van,

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