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I know I always rave about my guests but let me just say Cordelia Gafar is a GAME CHANGER! Her words are powerful, precise and there is never any BS; another reason why I love her.  I encourage to take the time and listen to our conversation; you will not regret it. Grab some wine and push play.

Get to Know Cordelia:

As a mother of six, being a speaker,

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Dr. Julie Wilkening Asks Ten top experts: how we can change our habits and become the best person we can in our daily life?
Listen to our conversation where Dr. Julie shares some of the great topics her submit addresses and she also shares how to grab some FREEBIES TOO!!!


10 Classes Delivered Over 5 Days on Inside Web-pages

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Daily Habits Can Create Problems or Solutions: Which are you Creating??
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OMG, I so enjoyed this conversation I have already asked Moria to come back and lucky for us she has agreed!!! Grab a cup of tea or a good glass red and enjoy!!


Moira Hutchison is a Mindfulness Coach, Energy Healer, Tarot Card Reader, Author and Speaker whose focus is helping people shift from a feeling of being stuck or adrift in life to feeling motivated and in charge.

It is her passion to show people that THEY are the solution they have been looking for all along.

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Below I share in a few words my six-month final journey of Unlearning 40 plus years of self-sabotage, self-doubt, and forgiveness. I will share more about this experience in future podcasts, but I wanted to also provide you with the details on how you can get involved in this incredible community. It’s time to step into a life YOU have designed!!



You may be wondering what is meant by “the art of unlearning.” It refers to unlearning the implicit and explicit negative messages we have learned over the years.

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