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I needed to drop this podcast today because there are just too many incredible tidbits for tomorrow’s feast! Cordelia Gaffar AKA The Stress Less Mom came by today, and she didn’t disappoint with her heart-centered tips. If you usually lose your sh*t during the holiday season this podcast is for you. While you prep the food for tomorrow’s meal grab a glass of your favorite spirit and listen to how Cordelia a mother of six makes Thanksgiving memorable.

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The health of our gastrointestinal system is essential for our overall health and mental well-being. The gut is responsible for the critical function of both our body’s digestive and immune system. The bacteria in your digestive system has the capability of affecting our body’s vitamin and mineral absorption, our hormone regulation, vitamin production, immune response, our digestion and how our bodies eliminate toxins.  To me, however, the most critical component of our gut is its overall effect on our mental health.”

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I know I always rave about my guests but let me just say Cordelia Gaffar is a GAME CHANGER! Her words are powerful, precise and there is never any BS; another reason why I love her.  I encourage to take the time and listen to our conversation; you will not regret it. Grab some wine and push play.

Get to Know Cordelia:

As a mother of six, being a speaker,

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Dr. Julie Wilkening Asks Ten top experts: how we can change our habits and become the best person we can in our daily life?
Listen to our conversation where Dr. Julie shares some of the great topics her submit addresses and she also shares how to grab some FREEBIES TOO!!!


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Daily Habits Can Create Problems or Solutions: Which are you Creating??
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