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Well, it is that time a year again. Are you ready?  I can honestly say I am and I am looking forward to teaching this year. It’s not that I haven’t been in past but this year feels different, fuller more complete. Maybe that’s because I have decided to take an entirely different approach which I will share in the coming weeks. This year I am starting off with daily grammar lessons, a three week block on Texas and a daily math lessons. Sophia and Logan will also be taking classes out of the home this year; not co-op style actual classes  here with daily homework everything:) Big change for all of us but a welcomed one!

Below is our schedule for the next four weeks:


Monday: Grammar, Math & History of TX

Vocal Lessons here Monday Evenings


Tuesday: Grammar, Math & History of TX

Piano Lessons


Wednesday: Community Theater at One Day Academy. We plan on heading over early so Sophia can have lunch with her friends and some outside free-play too.

Youth Group at Celebration Church


Thursday: Theater Production Sophia is so jazzed that they are doing a Musical this year!


Friday: Free Day


Sophia also spends 30 to 45 minutes  a day reading. She just started the second book in the Mr. Terupt series Mr. Terupt Falls Again



Monday:  Grammar, Math & History of TX


Tuesday:  Grammar, Math & History of TX


Wednesday: Starting Points at One Day Academy. Again we will be heading over early to have lunch and hang-out time before class starts.

Youth Group at Celebration Church


Thursday: Web Design for Teens over at the One Day Academy Round Rock Campus.


Friday: Free Day


Logan has a ton of required reading in his starting points class but he has decided to read Playing for Pizza: A Novel by John Grisham.


Now, this all looks fabulous on paper but the reality is there will be hiccups and days that just don’t go as planned but the most important aspect of this homeschool year is he have a solid plan that for “now” works!

Our Resources:
Teaching Textbooks Math 7 Complete Set

Pre-Algebra: A Teaching Textbook 2.0

Teaching Textbooks Math 5 CD Rom 4 CD sets (Teaching Textbooks, Math 5)

Daily Grams 6

Daily Grams: Guided Review Aiding Mastery Skills JR/SR High

The Story of Texas (Four Volumes in One)


Fun Back to School Printable

Back to School 1







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