Are You Ready to Find Your Bliss: Join Kimmy Brooke for a Life Changing Webinar

Meet Kimmy Brooke

I mentioned in my first post that I was going to share with you some of the women who have inspired me to create a life for myself and to do it unapologetically.  Today, I want to introduce you to, Kimmy Brooke, I have been watching Kimmy for years(not in a stalker way) I have read her book, and I joined her Young Living Team a little over a year ago. (one of the best decisions I have ever made) I quietly watched all the incredible things she was doing traveling, speaking to thousands of women, training others how they could achieve their Bliss and I was can I say jealous🙁 The other amazing part was she was doing all of this while still being an incredibly supportive wife & mother. I wanted ALL of that too, but those damn voices in my head kept saying YOU!

Send in Back-Up

Back up arrived and it was two more bad-ass women( who you will meet very soon). One I have been doing life with for over a decade, and the other is someone who drops truth on you when you need it the most. These two ladies stood me up, made me look in the mirror and proclaim that I was not only going to create the most amazing life for myself and my family but that I deserved it too. If can tell you one thing if you want to go it alone you will end up on the bathroom floor crying in the fetal position, trust me I was a solo warrior for years. We need back-up, we need friends who REALLY know us, our fears, our wants, all the good & bad not the perfect Pinterest image we want others to think we are. When you circle the wagons and do life with a team, ANYTHING is possible.

Why I Brought You Here Today

Kimmy wants to share how others have created their Bliss and encourage you to find yours. Make sure to register for this once in lifetime webinar here.

The Four Year Career® for Women Young Living Edition Webinar

My truest sense of purpose comes from supporting other women in succeeding in their business.
No matter what the company! I love knowing I’ve made a difference for someone to live their best life!
That’s why I launched the Four Year Career for Women.
To easily help educate people about what it is we do as Network Marketers.

I have to say, this current project I’ve been working on with 10 dynamic women is by far, closest to my heart, as it’s to support people in my particular company.

As I interviewed these women, I fell more and more in love with who Young Living Essential Oils is, what we stand for as a company, the community, and culture that makes us uniquely us, and of course these special women from all around the globe.

There are MANY success stories within Young Living I hope to interview them all eventually. But for now, we will begin with these 10.

  • 10 Women.
  • 5 Countries. With one common goal.
  • Oils in every home.💧
  • If you are a member of Young Living,
    this peeks inside these leader’s lives is for you!
  • May it inspire you for what’s possible in your own life!
  • Stay tuned. Much more to come!

PS. Save the date. October 24th, 6 pm PST. Register at:

PSS. Grab a copy of The Four Year Career® for Women Young Living Edition

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Finding My Identity After All These Years-One Step at a Time

I have been all over the place this year! ( I think my family thought I lost my mind and some days it sure felt like it) Last year was all about shedding the shit, moving through pain, people and hurt that held me back for decades. This year was all about leaning into my purpose and finding my sweet spot.  What direction to go with my business, my family and my blog? For so many years I have dedicated myself to our kids and our family; I am still in the mom game, but the kids don’t need me as much anymore. At first, I was pretty upset about that, but then I thought damn Philip & I had done a great job with this parenting thing our kids are pretty self-sufficient.

Now What Part One

So, the journey begins NOW WHAT?  I am sure this will resonate with a lot of you: When you have been immersed in kids, household duties and family for years when you finally look up from it the person you see staring back is not the person you knew some 17 years ago. My first inclination was to go back to school, get more certifications, try areas of study that seem to fit the latest niche and join every freaking Facebook group I could. Shit, the landscape has changed since I was in the workforce, the people, the problems, the marketing insert it and I was learning it for the first time. I started trying on hats, health coach(too big), manifest coach(too confusing), wellness writer(too boring).  After, months of trying to fit every square peg into every proverbial round hole I decided to stay in the field that made me complete all those years ago essential oils and formulating essential oil products.

Quieting the Self-Sabotage 

Now, that I made the decision the voices in my head started shouting you haven’t been formulating for years and why share that here at WSCF; if you stay you can’t grow? (and who wants that). That’s when I decided to grab a glass of wine and talk it out with my dear friend Lisa, and she said; “You’re not going back you’re moving forward to the next chapter in your life and your business.” And with that comment, I decided WSCF is where I will stay.

Another added bonus to me staying here is that I get to introduce you all to my fantastic daughter Sophie. Sophie has decided to join me and as corny as it sounds I am over the moon about it! (she can teach us all a little about perseverance and dedication even at the age of 14). I am so excited to share her wisdom, her passion for helping others and her designs.

With So Much Appreciation

Lastly, I want to thank all of you for the support you have given me throughout years; I pledge to show up and always to be my authentic self. (even when it doesn’t look pretty) 

So, I am going to leave it right here short sweet without a ton of BS; just straight up excitement about coming home to WSCF. Man, I have missed this place:)



10 Forgotten Remedies That Should Be in Your Everyday Diet

Our bodies can withstand stress and other related ailments such as injuries, muscle stiffness and so on. Actually, our bodies are geniuses when it comes to that. Long ago people were using natural remedies or rather traditional herbs to treat almost all diseases. These herbs were not tested in laboratories but seemed to work anyway. In fact, they were tested through trial and error or by observing their effects on wild animals.   

Though their usage slowed down over the years, they have suddenly returned to our shelves. Some estimates are that modern medicine consists of 50 percent or more of natural herbs. To understand more about this, let’s take a look at some of the natural herbs that can be used instead of some maybe more damaging drugs.

1. Cannabis oil

Though this plant is not accessible in many countries, it is believed to be one of the most versatile plants. Cannabis oil is derived from the flowers and upper parts of cannabis leaves using steam distillation. It is green in color, and its effects include reducing muscle stiffness and anxiety. Cannabis was and still is illegal in some countries, as well as the plants ‘’male’’ part hemp. Sadly hemp was also forbidden for a long time even tho it contains very little active THC.


2. Castor oil

This remedy is derived from castor beans, which mainly are found in Africa, China, and India. This oil is very useful because it can be used porously which means it can get absorbed through the pores on your skin. Known to increase blood circulation once applied to the affected place, castor oil can give instant relief to muscle spasms, hence reducing pain. A person is advised to heat and apply directly or use a cloth to cover the injured area.


3. Blueberries

These berries may be tiny but they but the impact they have is huge. They contain high doses of antioxidants and reduce oxidative stress. Furthermore, regular consumption of blueberries slows down the progression of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. As a disease, Parkinson’s can affect mobility due to muscle stiffness, whereas Alzheimer’s results to inability to control and coordinate muscles.

4. Cayenne pepper

This is an herb that has been used for over 9000 years now. Most people use it at home as a spice without knowing its medicinal benefits. When body tissues are damaged, they tend to release a chemical known as capsaicin. This substance alerts the body in the form of pain and cayenne pepper has a direct effect on it. So, the blood vessels will be dilated by its anti-inflammatory effects.

5. Mustard Seeds

Aside from the commonly known benefits of mustard seeds here are a few not so well known. The presence of glucosinolates and myrosinase in mustard seeds are known to use phytochemicals to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

The occurrence of magnesium in mustard seeds means that all of those head ripping headaches might finally come to an end.


6.Magnesium the original chill pill

Magnesium is a vital nutrient in our bodies that modern diets often overlook. The deficiency of magnesium is not that severe on average but our bodies certainly see the difference. Even in 1968. it was reported that magnesium deprivation can cause depression, seizures, ataxia, psychosis, and irritability. Not all of us are naturally lacking magnesium. It was concluded that stress eats up magnesium more than anything.

7. Lavender

Lavender has a very sweet smell and many people use it for tea making. Its consumption relieves tension in muscles and the entire body.  There are other people who use it under their pillows at night and they report having great sleep. It has been in use for over 2000 years and was most commonly used by Egyptians.

8. Potassium

This is a mineral that is very beneficial to the body because it maintains the nerves and muscles. It is mostly consumed with water or taken as a pill.  Potassium has a beneficial effect on the heart. Potassium can also improve endurance, energy, and stamina when you’re exercising.

9. Rosemary oil

This is an herb that is wildly popular all over the world. The European Union certified it because of its effectiveness in food preservation. It is an antioxidant-rich herb. It has a chemical known as antinociceptive that blocks pain receptors. Also, it has been shown it helps with hair growth, helps with liver detoxification, improves memory and lowers cortisol levels.

10. Arnica Oil

Arnica oil is derived from the arnica plant which belongs to the daisy family of flowers. Arnica oil is used in skin care amongst many other uses. The monounsaturated fats found in it help cure skin inflammations like eczema, psoriasis and even acne. Due to the high potency, the oil is not recommended for internal consumption without heavy dilution and even pregnant women shouldn’t use it.



Meet Caitlin Evans

Caitlin is a bookworm, photographer, and dancer. She is also a medical student in love with science. When she is not trying to find the meaning of life and Universe, Caitlin is researching and writing about various health-related topics. She is happily addicted to art in all its forms, grilled tofu, and caffeine.


DISCLAIMER: This site provides materials for information and education only. It is not to be considered medical advice. We encourage you to contact your physician for any of the health issues discussed here. The field of medicine changes on a regular basis; therefore, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided on this site, nor do we guarantee that the information represents the most currently accepted standards.


Self-Care Sunday- Balancing the Heart Chakra in 7 Easy Steps

It is essential to know how we can overcome and allow ourselves embrace a higher heart,  this where pure unconditional love exists.  This why it is crucial for us to understand our purpose in this world. The heart chakra is a vital component of your spiritual healing. It is how we evolve into better human beings, its the chakra of yang, positive energy which connects all of the lower chakras with our higher ones. When our heart chakra opens altogether, we have a direct channel to the compassion of the universe and our true selves.

Now, quite the opposite happens when our heart chakra is overactive, and we hold onto our hurts, anger etc. With an overactive heart chakra, you will be ruled only by emotions. Your personal vibration could be what’s holding you back. When this happens we have very little control, we can be overcome by sadness, anger, despair greediness and it will begin to conquer you. It can bring negative behaviors like manipulation,  actions of being overly critical, and judgmental not only to yourself but to the people around you.

Additional symptoms of an imbalanced heart chakra:

  • Chest Pain
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Poor Circulation
  • High/Low Blood Pressure
  • Imbalanced Lymphatic System
  • Bitterness
  • Jealousy
  • Upper Back Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • and more!


So, how can we bring balance to the Heart Chakra:


Heart Chakra Meditation

  • Stop dwelling on your feelings. Staying buried in past problems bring us down
  • Start accepting what you cannot change.
  • Start with a daily hear chakra affirmation:
  1. I love others unconditionally
  2. I forgive others.
  3. I choose joy
  4. My heart is free from past hurts.
  5. I am grateful for all of my blessings.
  6. I forgive myself
  • Eat foods that balance the heart chakra:
  1. Spinach
  2. Kale
  3. Green Beans
  4. Green Apples
  5. Kiwi
  6.  Mint
  7. Cilantro
  • Grab a stone to balance; place on in your pocket, your bra or where it one:
  1. Aventurine Stone
  2. Chrysoprase Stone
  3. Amazonite Stone
  4. Jade
  5. Green Tourmaline
  • Essential Oils that provide balance
  1. Tangerine
  2. Lavender
  3. Bergamont
  4. Jasmine
  5. Melissa
  6. Lemon


Opening your heart chakra is essential to your spiritual journey.   When you allow your heart chakra to open you will find yourself effortlessly trusting others and interacting with people in a loving and graceful way. You may also experience:

  • more harmony in relationships
  • more accepting of others and yourself
  • selflessness
  • more compassionate to others
  • better overall wellbeing
  • true acceptance of oneself

Finally, when our heart chakra is balanced, our ability to be intimate with others becomes effortless.  We are finally able to reveal true selves as who we actually are with those we love and be vulnerable too without hesitation.




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Are Your Household Cleaners Making Your Pets Sick


Another favorite of mine is buying the unscented bottle of Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar Spray and I add 12-16 drops of Lemon Essential Oil.  My stainless steel products are looking amazing, and it helps prevent fingerprints too.