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This recipe is another one of our kid’s favorites. It is super simple to make, easy to clean-up and I usually have leftovers for the next day’s lunch. The best part of all it is extremely healthy and a wonderful source of protein.

Prep: 15minutes Cook Time: 45 minutes

2.5 lbs Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs

1 Large Cooking Bag ( I get mine at the Dollar Tree)

8 carrots peeled and chopped

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When you live in the South for as long as our family has you grow to love Chicken & Biscuits.  We have yet to find a place in Texas that serves them up like they do in the Deep South. So, I decided to put a twist on this Southern Classic with our Sriracha Chicken & Biscuits recipe. This a great plan ahead meal; heats up in 10 minutes max and clean up is super easy too.

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 2 Smoked Chickens2 Smoked Chickens

Ok, I could not help but reference the Beck song  Where It’s At. Yes, I am weird; I can stop singing 2 Smoke Chickens and Microphone is Where It’s At. But enough about my singing issues lets get down to Philip’s Smoke Chicken Recipe.
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