Learning How to Become More Resilient an Interview with Shari Khan

Learning How to become more resilient – a lesson for us all

I wanted to start off 2018 with a lesson; something we could take with us and use throughout the year. Resiliency is being discussed everywhere you turn but are we getting the tools we need to achieve it? Shari Khan Resiliency expert(she doesn’t it like to be called that, but man she knows her stuff) discusses with me how we can not only obtain Resiliency but shares with us how we can sustain it even when life throws us a curve ball.


So, sit back relax grab a cup a tea or a glass of red(it’s 5 o’clock somewhere and enjoy}

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7 Proven Tips to Reduce Stress, Stop Feeling Overwhelmed at Work, and Get Your Life Back”


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Get to Know Shari Khan

Shari has 30 years’ experience in the field of training and development in the private and public sectors. Over the years she has delivered training and consultancy services in the U.K. and globally. She is a Trainer, Speaker and Leadership Mentor and Executive Coach.

Nearly seven years ago she set up her own business where the focus is ‘Change, Resilience and Leadership Development’.  She prides herself in helping busy professionals and people who are over-stretched at work, regain their focus and productivity AND get their lives back.

This year our podcast will be set-up a little differently audio will be over on our Podbean channel and video will be here as well as our new YouTube channel(still in the works, hurry it up Logan:) Any feedback on how we can do better is always appreciated.