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It’s not like you expected homemaking to be a piece of cake.

But you had no idea you’d be so tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed, right?

I’ve often felt the same way. When I first became a wife and mom years ago, I needed GPS to find my way around the kitchen. Oh, and developing systems to efficiently handle laundry and cleaning? Um… do I have to answer that?

Homemaking is filled with mundane tasks that never end,

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brown Sugar Pork Shoulder


Fat Phil has done it again; he has Q’ed another perfectly smoked pork shoulder to serve our guests last Sunday night. Football & Pork now that’s a fun Sunday!!! I am a bark-girl and the bark on this shoulder is to die; did I mention how moist this sweet shoulder is too.  If you’re a BBQ enthusiast then I suggest you grab this recipe and put your BBQ skills to the test.  

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