586 Lives Saved to Date and it Only Takes Two Minutes. Can We Count on YOU?

When Sophie & I joined The Bliss Movement, we knew it was so much BIGGER than us!  We knew it went far beyond its two thousand plus members, and we knew our leadership team was a group of people determined to change the world. What we didn’t realize was how quickly that change would happen. The Bliss Movement started just a few short months ago, and we have already saved 586 Lives!

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What is Malaria?

Malaria is caused by a parasite carried by the Anopheles mosquito. Individuals who contract the disease typically get very sick with high fevers, shaking chills, and they can die if they do not receive proper medical treatment. Pregnant women and children under five who have little to no immunity & are more likely to become severely ill and or die.  In Uganda, malaria-carrying mosquitoes typically bite between dusk and dawn. A mosquito net hung over a child’s sleeping area can prevent mosquitoes from biting them while they sleep.  Going a step further when the nets are treated with an insecticide, it provides greater protection by repelling mosquitoes and killing those that land on it.

Malaria leading cause of death in Uganda

  • Children under 5 still represent 78% of global malaria deaths that’s close to 500,000 a year. Around 1,200 a day 50 an hour die of Malaria.
  • Children under 5 years of age are one of the most vulnerable to contracting malaria. In Africa, about 285 000 children die before their fifth birthdays.
  • The most effective means of preventing malaria is sleeping under a mosquito net.
  • A net usually lasts for 3-4 years, and protects, on average, two people.
  • Bed nets are a simple, cost-effective solution to keep families safe from malaria-carrying mosquitoes.


How Can You Help?

You can take two minutes out of your day and take a quiz! In those two minutes, you will save a child’s life. I also encourage you to share our link with others so we can hit our goal(Sophie & I) to save 1,000 children by Christmas. Is there a better gift to give a child?

Thank you, in advance for your kindness and willingness to help the children of Uganda.


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2019 Is Just Around the Corner: Ditch the Resolutions and 10X 2019

Every year millions of people shout out their New Years Resolution only to fall short of it 30 days later.  Most of the time this happens because we choose to go it alone or our plan is less than optimal.  Let 2019 be the year you ditch the resolutions and team up with The Bliss Movement.

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Making This Decision Will Change Your Life

When you join The Bliss Movement, you will be joined by thousands of people from every corner. A team of like-minded people that are ready to 10X their lives and want to make the most of the time they have on this planet will be sharing their wins and loses.  You see we can’t go it alone and be successful; we need PEOPLE, REAL PEOPLE, who are there to us cheering us on, give us a shoulder cry on when we need it and people who also call us out on our BS too!  When I joined The Bliss Movement, I immediately noticed the change in not only my life but my family’s also. When you make the decision to 10X your life it is contagious; people are attracted to you and instantly want to find out what in the HELL are you doing.

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Where I’ve seen the most change

I have to admit I am still a work in progress but deciding to 10X my life has afforded me some significant changes in:

  • my relationships
  • growing my tribe
  • my finances
  • my business
  • my husbands business
  • my children’s work ethic
  • both our kids seeking entrepreneurial ventures
  • most importantly it has given me FREEDOM!!

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Are you ready to 10x?

Seems like a pretty simple question but to be honest, not everyone is willing to put in the work. I wasn’t at first, and I am still not at the level I want to be. The thing is as long as you’re striving you’re thriving and with The Bliss Movement, you’re NEVER doing it alone. So, if you’re ready to or even slightly interested in making 2019, the BEST YEAR YET jump on today’s SHORT webinar. What do you have to lose?

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Are You Ready to Find Your Bliss: Join Kimmy Brooke for a Life Changing Webinar

Meet Kimmy Brooke

I mentioned in my first post that I was going to share with you some of the women who have inspired me to create a life for myself and to do it unapologetically.  Today, I want to introduce you to, Kimmy Brooke, I have been watching Kimmy for years(not in a stalker way) I have read her book, and I joined her Young Living Team a little over a year ago. (one of the best decisions I have ever made) I quietly watched all the incredible things she was doing traveling, speaking to thousands of women, training others how they could achieve their Bliss and I was can I say jealous🙁 The other amazing part was she was doing all of this while still being an incredibly supportive wife & mother. I wanted ALL of that too, but those damn voices in my head kept saying YOU!

Send in Back-Up

Back up arrived and it was two more bad-ass women( who you will meet very soon). One I have been doing life with for over a decade, and the other is someone who drops truth on you when you need it the most. These two ladies stood me up, made me look in the mirror and proclaim that I was not only going to create the most amazing life for myself and my family but that I deserved it too. If can tell you one thing if you want to go it alone you will end up on the bathroom floor crying in the fetal position, trust me I was a solo warrior for years. We need back-up, we need friends who REALLY know us, our fears, our wants, all the good & bad not the perfect Pinterest image we want others to think we are. When you circle the wagons and do life with a team, ANYTHING is possible.

Why I Brought You Here Today

Kimmy wants to share how others have created their Bliss and encourage you to find yours. Make sure to register for this once in lifetime webinar here.

The Four Year Career® for Women Young Living Edition Webinar

My truest sense of purpose comes from supporting other women in succeeding in their business.
No matter what the company! I love knowing I’ve made a difference for someone to live their best life!
That’s why I launched the Four Year Career for Women.
To easily help educate people about what it is we do as Network Marketers.

I have to say, this current project I’ve been working on with 10 dynamic women is by far, closest to my heart, as it’s to support people in my particular company.

As I interviewed these women, I fell more and more in love with who Young Living Essential Oils is, what we stand for as a company, the community, and culture that makes us uniquely us, and of course these special women from all around the globe.

There are MANY success stories within Young Living I hope to interview them all eventually. But for now, we will begin with these 10.

  • 10 Women.
  • 5 Countries. With one common goal.
  • Oils in every home.💧
  • If you are a member of Young Living,
    this peeks inside these leader’s lives is for you!
  • May it inspire you for what’s possible in your own life!
  • Stay tuned. Much more to come!

PS. Save the date. October 24th, 6 pm PST. Register at: www.blissbusiness.com/yl

PSS. Grab a copy of The Four Year Career® for Women Young Living Edition

The owner of this website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to, amazon.com, endless.com, myhabit.com, smallparts.com, or amazonwireless.com.


Finding My Identity After All These Years-One Step at a Time

I have been all over the place this year! ( I think my family thought I lost my mind and some days it sure felt like it) Last year was all about shedding the shit, moving through pain, people and hurt that held me back for decades. This year was all about leaning into my purpose and finding my sweet spot.  What direction to go with my business, my family and my blog? For so many years I have dedicated myself to our kids and our family; I am still in the mom game, but the kids don’t need me as much anymore. At first, I was pretty upset about that, but then I thought damn Philip & I had done a great job with this parenting thing our kids are pretty self-sufficient.

Now What Part One

So, the journey begins NOW WHAT?  I am sure this will resonate with a lot of you: When you have been immersed in kids, household duties and family for years when you finally look up from it the person you see staring back is not the person you knew some 17 years ago. My first inclination was to go back to school, get more certifications, try areas of study that seem to fit the latest niche and join every freaking Facebook group I could. Shit, the landscape has changed since I was in the workforce, the people, the problems, the marketing insert it and I was learning it for the first time. I started trying on hats, health coach(too big), manifest coach(too confusing), wellness writer(too boring).  After, months of trying to fit every square peg into every proverbial round hole I decided to stay in the field that made me complete all those years ago essential oils and formulating essential oil products.

Quieting the Self-Sabotage 

Now, that I made the decision the voices in my head started shouting you haven’t been formulating for years and why share that here at WSCF; if you stay you can’t grow? (and who wants that). That’s when I decided to grab a glass of wine and talk it out with my dear friend Lisa, and she said; “You’re not going back you’re moving forward to the next chapter in your life and your business.” And with that comment, I decided WSCF is where I will stay.

Another added bonus to me staying here is that I get to introduce you all to my fantastic daughter Sophie. Sophie has decided to join me and as corny as it sounds I am over the moon about it! (she can teach us all a little about perseverance and dedication even at the age of 14). I am so excited to share her wisdom, her passion for helping others and her designs.

With So Much Appreciation

Lastly, I want to thank all of you for the support you have given me throughout years; I pledge to show up and always to be my authentic self. (even when it doesn’t look pretty) 

So, I am going to leave it right here short sweet without a ton of BS; just straight up excitement about coming home to WSCF. Man, I have missed this place:)