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I have known Lisa for over a decade and I can say without hesitation she is one of the hardest working women I know.  Her dedication to helping others achieve their wellness & financial goals is second to none. I am privileged to call her my friend and to introduce her to our audience.

Meet Lisa Jadis:

I’m a 58-year-old Mom of 2 twenty-something-year-old children (not to worry, I do know their exact ages),

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2016 was a banner a year for women in business! The number of women-owned businesses as of 2016 is a whopping 3.5 million strong. So in the spirit of female empowerment, we have decided that each and every Saturday we will feature a female entrepreneur. Our wish is to encourage more females to support one another in hopes to inspire more women to open businesses. So without further ado here is our first week’s

Women in Business Spotlight:

Victoria Berg of Ebony Fern Designs

Who is Victoria Berg:

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5-Day Challenge WSCF

Hey Beautiful Soul,

I’m hosting a FREE 5-Day Confidence Building Challenge for Heart-Centered Women Entrepreneurs, like YOU, who are READY to:

* Ditch the self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors…
* Discover your true calling in life and business…
* Develop the confidence to bust through your deepest fears…
* Dream big and take inspired action to turn your dreams into reality…

I’d absolutely love for you to join me and the hundreds of other women who have already registered!

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Here’s the first of many I am hoping from these two amazing authors by Antoinette Sykes  &  Lisa Marie Pepe !  This book celebrates entrepreneurship, spirituality, wealth, riches and abundance in all areas, which is what happens when you decide to create financial freedom in life. If you’re a woman running a business and want more then Abundantly You! On Purpose In Business: Face The Fear of The Unknown (The Bounceback Series) (Volume 3)needs to placed in your Amazon cart today! 

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