Everybody likes to get away every once in a while, and whether you’re an experienced traveler or an occasional vacationer, if you have ever talked to other people who have traveled to the same place, you’ve very likely met some (if not all) of these people:

The Family

Four or more members, always at least one baby or toddler and one moody teenager. They will visit all the famous attractions and try to teach the kids about the history of the place. If one of the parents is an experienced traveler, they might find a way to entertain all of the kids, but you still want to hope you don’t get the room next to theirs.

The Budgeter

We all try to get as far as we can and stay as long as we can for as little money as possible, but this guy takes it to a whole new level. He will sleep in airports, enduring 34-hour layovers to travel a couple of thousand kilometers. He couch surfs, cleans glasses for food and takes advantage of every single free event in the area – as long as he can hitchhike to the location.

The Newbie


Everybody has once been the first-time traveler, but some people show it more than others. If they’re clumsy with currency, lost in front of a city map and trying to ask elderly locals directions in English, they’re probably a newbie. And if they are trying to do it on a smaller budget, it’s even more obvious: they’ll be asking a million questions if this or that can be carried on a plane, act nervous around other people in their hostel room and struggle to get to all the typical tourist destinations on buses, trains, and bikes (will probably give up and take a taxi).

The Unpredictable and the Planner

These two cannot be more different, yet somehow often travel together. The planner has every hour of every day planned out, but the unpredictable always manages to mess up their plans by doing something that’s not on the schedule. Where a planner has a detailed packing list, the unpredictable has packed nothing but two shirts for a month-long trip through Europe. They might be opposite extremes, but they keep each other in check.

The 24/7 Party

Consider yourself lucky if you have never met a person who is the embodiment of a party. They never sleep and never stop. You will never be bored with them, but you can also say goodbye to sleep, rest and quiet. The party will make sure you visit every club and pub in town on the very first night – so you know where to go every single night for the rest of the trip. You might lose a year’s worth of energy, but in the end, it will be an unforgettably fun experience.

The Festival Fairy

Flower crowns, loose colorful clothes, a travel hygiene kit and a tent with them at all times? That’s a festival fairy. Whether they are traveling somewhere with a specific festival in mind, or are just hoping to run into one, they are ready for it at any moment. They don’t care which artists are performing and they like every kind of music. They are great at smuggling food and drinks into forbidden areas and are the most relaxed travelers you will ever meet. They’re friendly with everyone, sometimes a bit too friendly.

The Veteran

Have been traveling for most of their life, found a place with used caravans for sale,and made it into their home. Most often knows all the greetings in the local language and somehow manages to get invited to family dinners by people they’ve never met before. Knows how to manage any situation and get out of any mess. Always full of good adventure stories and most often a role model for young travelers.


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