Below I share in a few words my six-month final journey of Unlearning 40 plus years of self-sabotage, self-doubt, and forgiveness. I will share more about this experience in future podcasts, but I wanted to also provide you with the details on how you can get involved in this incredible community. It’s time to step into a life YOU have designed!!



You may be wondering what is meant by “the art of unlearning.” It refers to unlearning the implicit and explicit negative messages we have learned over the years. And not only unlearning them but thriving in spite of them. These authors have adopted a courageous, “refuse to lose” mindset, never giving up, exploring all possibilities and becoming successful. You will be touched by each powerful story and walk away with invaluable insights applicable to your own life.

Inside you’ll discover how these authors have taken their message and created a movement. They share with their readers how to break through their barriers and rise above the challenges in their lives.

Additionally, this international group of expert authors has decided to donate the profits of the purchase of this book to, a global organization that provides loans to change the lives of women entrepreneurs in the U.S. and developing countries worldwide.

What people are saying about The Art of Unlearning:

“Empowered women empower women.” This book mirrors this statement. The women Authors courageously chose to tell their unique stories and rewrote their destiny when fate extended its cruel hands in their lives. Kudos to all these women of substance who are starting a movement in empowering women and to be the best version of themselves! A great read indeed!


AMAZING is an understatement about this book. The courage and bravery from ALL the authors are simply outstanding! The way each has taken on adversity, failures, and disappointment is absolutely inspiring. Well done ladies ???


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