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With the seemingly insurmountable pressures placed on families especially this time of year, many of us might feel we lack the spiritual foundation or the knowledge to chart a clear-cut course to keep our family grounded this holiday season. We might even question whether we are equipped to nurture our children’s souls or if we can even keep our spiritual foundation intact during this fast-paced materialistic time of year?  Families get so wrapped up in what the holiday’s should look like; spending hours decorating, purchasing just the right holiday accoutrements all the while completely forgetting about what this time of year truly means. What we have found is that by taking small deliberate steps and by creating clearly defined rhythm we can make through the holiday season unscathed. (This is not always easy I know)The holidays can be taxing for many of us; so don’t fall into the trap of changing your dynamic so abruptly that it causes severe push back from kids or spouse. Start out slowly being conscience of your family’s needs.  As mothers we set the tone in our homes; so we need to hold a very special place for ourselves while creating a peaceful environment in our households.


Here are some very simple tips to help you survive this holiday season while keeping your family spiritual grounded. 

– Stating the obvious limit TV, game time & computer time. If we do plop in front of the TV it is usually to watch a Ken Burn’s documentary or some football. (what says the holidays more than the NCAA College Playoffs)

– Try to do a lot of your shopping online to avoid all the insanity at your local mall.  You can knockout a ton of shopping on Cyber Monday and the deals are as good if not better than what you will find on Black Friday.

-Encourage your children to create holiday gifts i.e. ornaments, finger knit a scarf or to bake their favorite holiday cookies. This year we have decided to make Beeswax Luminaries ; I have been wanting to make these for years and I finally have carved out the time to do it this year.

– If you’re traveling to spend time with family this year even if it is a quick jaunt over to grandma’s make sure to pack some snacks for the kids. There is nothing worse than a hungry child. I usually pack a small cooler with bottled waters, almonds & a few pieces of fruit.

– Don’t say yes to everyone!  This is tough one for me; I am always ready to participate in a cookie exchange, holiday caroling or to host the next holiday party. Try the less is more approach when committing to holiday events.

-Exercise as often has you can! Not just to stave off the extra weight but exercising helps to boost energy while improving your mood.  Mom’s we can get pretty frazzled during the holiday season; so throw on your winter coat and take a thirty minute walk. This is also a great time to get some much needed alone time too.

– Get to bed early or at least at a reasonable hour. All those holiday commitments can really burn you and your family out.

– If you’re getting to be early enough then my next tip is to rise before the rest of your clan. Give yourself time in the morning to read, meditate or just be before the day begins.  This has made all the difference in our home.  My morning practice includes a delicious cup of my favorite coffee and my art journal.

– Eat healthy or at least try to. Cooking with one another is a wonderful way to bring the family together. Since Philip is home more this time of year we get out our cookbooks and try a new recipe each night.

-Stay warm & bundle up. Keeping warm is important especially for children whose bodies are working overtime trying to regulate temperature. These are our favorite winter socks BRUBAKER 4 Pairs Thick Alpaca Winter Socks 100% Alpaca Color Mix EU 43-46 / US 9-11.5. Every night these beauties are on my feet.

-Spend quality family time together; the four of us love to play board games by the fireplace or we bundle up together on the couch to read one of our favorite holiday books. Here’s a few of our favorite holiday books:  How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (Classic Seuss), ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (Holiday Classics) and Letters From Father Christmas just to name a few. I am always looking for more suggestions so please share some of your favorites below.

– Most importantly take care of yourself moms; your family needs you.

These few steps are very doable. and they can help you to create the balance in your household.  Please share some of your families favorite holiday traditions below.

We wish everyone a peaceful holiday season.

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