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Meet Marta:

I am a Michigan girl through and through. I grew up in West Michigan. My parents grew up in West Michigan. My husband grew up in West Michigan. And now we are raising our two fun-loving, energetic kids in… wait for it… West Michigan. It is a great place to call home. There is a pride all its own when you live in Michigan. You get to hold up your hand as a map whenever you want to show someone where exactly in Michigan you live. If there is any kind of surface (think wine glass, t-shirt, coasters), we will absolutely be sticking a mitten symbol on it. We have the best travel ads with Tim the Toolman Taylor’s voice. But I digress.

I am a Michigan girl with a passion for travel. I am filled with fond memories of warm spring break vacations and summer road trips to the East Coast with my family. There were even a few Europe trips in the mix. While I love Michigan (enough to give it it’s own category on the Menu), there is a sense of restlessness that settles in if I haven’t traveled in a while. Isn’t it just fabulous arriving in a new city, getting settled, analyzing the maps (yes! paper maps!!!), going for a jog, discussing what to do, and wandering. It provides an indescribable energy. And, isn’t it equally as fascinating to return to a place you once visited only to find so many aspects the same yet so many new things to discover?


About Mackinaw Road

This blog is a compilation of all of our travel adventures and any travel-related food or design inspiration as it strikes. While I would absolutely love to have this be a luxury travel blog, well… as I mentioned, we have two fun-loving, energetic kids that often times are with us. Enough said. And wouldn’t it be exciting if this was an outdoor adventurer type of blog? The problem is that my husband and I are not quite qualified in that regard either… we can’t even light a fire in the fire pit without one of those fake throw-a-match-on-it logs. Sometimes our travel will include our kids and any tips we may have in a given city or lessons we have learned or maybe even some fun anecdote or story. Sometimes our travel may be just my husband and myself and include any fun activities or restaurants we stumble upon. And other times, it may include our larger family or friends because, well, we love them too. Sometimes the destinations may seem exciting while other times they may seem mundane, but I do believe there is beauty in every new (and old) place we happen upon. Whatever the case may be, I do hope that you find this blog somewhat helpful and at the very least a bit entertaining.


Photos of Our Travels:

NOLA Trolley

Travel Inspired Design

Paradise Island



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One thought on “Women in Business Spotlight Program Meet Marta of Mackinaw Road

  1. Hi Marta..Your blog sounds fabulous and REAL!
    Luxury destinations are great but hearing about different places to have an experience as a couple and/or with the family and friends is PRICELESS!
    Looking forward to reading your blog..thank you!

    Posted on 03/25/2017 at 4:54 pm