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We DO NOT DO Business as Usual!!

We are a comprehensive small business consulting company skilled at helping companies become better at what they do.  We have an extensive history (with the gray hair to prove it) establishing and growing distribution channels in Fortune 500 organizations.  This entails working with small to mid-size companies and helping them with business planning, marketing, hiring, training, managing and crafting paths for growth (much like Philip’s belly, many of these paths for growth are prodigious).  We also have vast experience with online digital marketing, brand strategy, and networking techniques.

We are a large (if you include the menagerie of pets) family who are strong in faith and humor.  We are passionate about charitable works, fostering dogs (which invariably turns into adopting dogs) and living for the present.  Our latest addition to the family is Simone who is a Pit Bull who was rescued after being shot by her owner (still has the bullet in her leg).  She is the sweetest dog I have ever met and enjoys playing with our cat, Jeff (and rescuing him from cardboard boxes).  We also have our son Logan (15), our daughter Sophia (12 going on 35), Andrea (age withheld due to obvious health concerns for revealer) and Philip (the large, former college football player back up to his college playing weight but instead of being comprised of muscle, now mostly comprised of local Austin BBQ smoked meats).


Our goal is to help our clients achieve their business goals while ensuring they stay present in their family lives in this ADD world of instant gratification and electronic addiction.  It would our pleasure to work with you and your company. To get started email us at