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Fat Phil has done it again; he has Q’ed another perfectly smoked pork shoulder to serve our guests last Sunday night. Football & Pork now that’s a fun Sunday!!! I am a bark-girl and the bark on this shoulder is to die; did I mention how moist this sweet shoulder is too.  If you’re a BBQ enthusiast then I suggest you grab this recipe and put your BBQ skills to the test.  Enjoy!

8 Lb pork shoulder (bone in)
2 TBSP fresh Black Pepper
2 TBSP Kosher Salt
Dry off pork shoulder and let sit at room temp for one hour.  Then mix all seasonings in a Bowl , and spread evenly over entire, shoulder. Pre-heat smoker to 275 degrees.  Put shoulder in the smoker, for approximately eight hours or until internal meat temperature reaches 180 degrees (baste with Franklin Barbecue Sauce  several times over last hour of cooking).  Once the temp is reached, take out off the smoker, baste once more with Franklin Barbecue Sauce  and wrap in aluminum foil for 30 minutes.  Take out and cut as desired against the grain.
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