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When you meet Natasha for the first time, you know you have encountered one of those people who will move mountains to help you achieve your dreams. She applies her expansive skill set and tireless work ethic to every project she sets out to conquer, whether it be personal, for her community, or for her clients. A creative professional and business enthusiast, Natasha Lee-Maxwell is a Business Consultant and CEO of MYDCT Corp, who is vivaciously taking the business world by storm.

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Meet Marta:

I am a Michigan girl through and through. I grew up in West Michigan. My parents grew up in West Michigan. My husband grew up in West Michigan. And now we are raising our two fun-loving, energetic kids in… wait for it… West Michigan. It is a great place to call home. There is a pride all its own when you live in Michigan. You get to hold up your hand as a map whenever you want to show someone where exactly in Michigan you live.

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Lisa Marie Pepe shares her latest wisdom on how to create a profitable online business with her new ebook 6 WAYS AMPLIFY YOUR ONLINE VISIBILITY! You can download it HERE for FREE!!

Are you???

✔ Frustrated because you know you were born to help others, but you have no clue how to get in front of your ideal clients?

✔ Tired of spinning your wheels on social media day in and day out with no tangible results to show for it at the end of each day?

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