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I am officially a monthly contributor at one of my favorite health & lifestyle websites Beautifully Alive! Check out this month’s installment 9 Reasons to Start Practicing Yoga and if you missed last months post click below.

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Sophie's Get Up & Go Juice

Sophie has started juicing! No, she’s not taking roids she’s taking a bevy of organic fruits and veg each day and creating delectable juices to increase energy and her overall health. After reading and watching several documentaries about the benefits of juicing; we decided that this was an easy way for Sophie to get more vitamins and minerals every day without taking supplements that caused her stomach discomfort.  

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10-Day Ready, Reset, Go, Kit!10-Day Ready, Reset, Go, Kit!

Happy is the new healthy! Life is busy and Life Matters gets it. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just hit the reset button when comes to our body, mind & spirit? Well, you can hit the reset with Life Matters  10-Day Ready, Reset and Go Kit. Just give us 10 Days and follow our 5 easy steps that anyone can do. You can do this,

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