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In 1995, a friend first introduced me to Seimei, praising this unknown modality originating in Japan. She was receiving weekly sessions from Japanese practitioners who did not touch the body, for a lump that simply dissolved. I consider myself to be an intelligent woman and listened politely, but come on, that’s just ridiculous!

Being born two months premature with life-long chronic symptoms, I embraced many modalities that were helpful but never long-term solutions.

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There are a lot of great reasons why should make your own household cleaners.  The chemicals found in most of these cleaners: floors, toilets, oven, windows, and more contain chemicals that may throw your hormones out of whack. These endocrine disruptors can interfere with the production,

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What is a carrier oil? 

A carrier oil is an oil derived from the fatty portion of a plant, usually from the seed, kernel or the nut.  From a pure essential oil blend to a more complex balm, the carrier oil you choose can change the therapeutic properties, aroma, color and shelf life of your final product.

Before integrating carrier oils into your beauty regimen, it’s essential to determine how to use each carrier oil based on your skin type and specific beauty concerns.

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