Category: Women in Business Spotlight Program

I have to admit I have loved all the ladies I have met through our Women in Business Spotlight program but that being said I hold a special place in my heart for Marianne. We have never met and only corresponded by email but Marianne’s enthusiasm for her business is contagious and her passion for all things twins is adorable.  Marianne has a ton of balls in the air she is a one-stop shop for many of your designs needs too.

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Meet Interior Designer Anna Popov:

While earning three separate degrees in Business and Marketing, Interior Design and Project Management, I was lucky to have had a remarkable corporate career in the last 18 years. I worked as an interior designer in residential and commercial sectors, overseeing and managing numerous projects. After 18 years in the corporate environment,  I decided to pursue my passion and focus on what I enjoy most – 

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Fleur de Flamenco

A little bit about Lori Kullberg

Fleur de Flamenco is a chronicle of my adventures and experiences as I learn the Spanish art form of flamenco dancing. I share with the flamenco community my trials, dreams, and aspirations of being a student of this art form and culture and provide an interesting perspective into the universal nature of the study of flamenco.

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