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This week has been tough; my entire household went down minus me of course; I am exhausted but not sick. About a week ago our son Logan started to feel under the weather. He’s our kid that no matter what I suggest he is not doing it he doesn’t believe as he calls them “my witchy ways” work.  So, he decided to handle it himself; he is 17, and so I said ok. (within reason of course) Five days later we are in the urgent care for two reasons: one he needed a note for work, and he sounded awful.  The doctor tells us it is an upper respiratory infection and hands us some steroids. Insert eye roll and an are you kidding me! We grab our Dr. note and head to our pharmacy. He is still insisting he knows best; I love this kid but man what a thick head. The steroids were not taken.

Two More Go Down(well not Really)

During the five day period, we all tried to stay away from him as much as possible, but we do live in the same house, so its pretty impossible not to run into each other. Sophie & Philip took their Inner Defense daily, and I added a few essential oils to their daily routine. Unfortunately, this bug was persistent, and we didn’t catch it soon enough. On Sunday these two started feeling worse; so I stepped up my essential oil game.  I have to be honest they were not the BIGGEST fans of what I suggested, but they did corporate. Logan finally came around, but it took some convincing.

Here’s what We did

Diet is key too

Avoid the Following:

  • dairy
  • caffeine
  • acidic foods(like tomatoes, orange juice, etc.)
  • scratchy foods like chips, nuts, and granola
  • processed foods

Foods You Should Be Eating: 

  • Raw honey
  • Bone Broth
  • Peppermint Tea
  • Soft Foods (scrambled egg or mashed potatoes)
  • leafy greens
  • foods rich in antioxidants( berries, kale, spinach)
  • Ginger Tea

I am happy to say my crew is feeling much better, and I think (I am not sure) but Logan might be a BELIEVER in my witchy ways now!

Are you ready to build your all natural medicine cabinet and improve your health? I suggest you start here!


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