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OMG, I so enjoyed this conversation I have already asked Moria to come back and lucky for us she has agreed!!! Grab a cup of tea or a good glass red and enjoy!!


Moira Hutchison is a Mindfulness Coach, Energy Healer, Tarot Card Reader, Author and Speaker whose focus is helping people shift from a feeling of being stuck or adrift in life to feeling motivated and in charge.

It is her passion to show people that THEY are the solution they have been looking for all along. When people feel confused, overwhelmed and stuck, especially in the Western world, we are conditioned to search for the silver bullet, the quick fix so that we can opt out of our painful life… when it doesn’t work people get depressed, frustrated and angry. To learn more about Moria and to work with her one on one click here!

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Is there anything Moria doesn’t do? She is a gift to all of us!!

Awards and Affiliations

Certified Life Coach  (CTACC)
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Certified Life Purpose Guide
Certified EFT Practitioner (Level 2)
CranioSacral Therapist
SomatoEmotional Release Practitioner
Certified Dharma Type Practitioner
Soul Re-Alignment Practitioner (Level 2)
Certified Law of Attraction Coach (Advanced)
Holistic Alternative Psychology Practitioner
Certified Emotion Codes Practitioner
Spiritual Communication Facilitator
LightMaster Level 2
Reiki Master/Teacher
Angel Light Practitioner

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