Meet Andrea

Andrea is an Alternative Health Researcher & Educator, Aromatherapist, Best Selling Author, & Master Formulator. Her thirst for knowledge is what makes her one of the industries most trusted advisors and a sought out developer of all natural product lines.


Andrea’s journey in holistic health started over 15 years ago when she received her first aromatherapy certification from the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy. As she explored the world of essential oils and experienced their benefits first hand; she was eager to learn all she could about aromatherapy. Andrea has deepened her knowledge of holistic health by receiving certifications in natural remedies, canine aromatherapy, BS in Naturopathic Studies and chakra healing. Andrea has had her essential oil-based products featured in top Beverly Hills Surgical Centers, Five Diamond Hotels, WholeFoods, and many more. Andrea’s passion is to educate families on the benefits of essential oils and show them how they can live a chemical-free lifestyle.

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