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Believe me, I hear you I am ADD (never been diagnosed but if you ever saw the movie UP I am Dug on steroids).  Meditation takes practice and for some of us a ton of it, but the benefits are so worth the struggle.  I am lucky to be surrounded by friends who are meditation gurus; Moria can be found on  Insight Timer, and Tim can be found at the Wellness Universe; they have made my journey so much easier.  If you’re not friends with meditation experts, there are so many incredible apps and youtube channels that can help you get started today!

Here are a few of my favorites: 

Insight Timer( I mentioned this above; I love it they have a ton of short sessions. These are great when you’re waiting for your kids to get out of music lessons etc. 10 minutes to CHILL MOM)

Headspace– This is my husband Philip’s favorite app. He starts and ends his day here.

Mindfulness- I have to admit I have not personally used this one but I have several friends recommend it.

Calm-Lots of meditation goodness on this one.


Don’t have a lot of time here are a few of my favorite

5-minute Guided Meditations:

The Five Minute Miracle – Daily Guided Meditation


You haven’t bought in yet and you just can’t find the time. Well, let me give one more push over the ledge; to encourage to start a daily meditation practice.

Benefits of Daily Meditation:

Increase memory retention and recall

Improves the immune system

Reduces blood pressure

Helps manage ADHD

Regulates mood and helps with depression

Enhances self-esteem

Improves emotional intelligence

Slows down the aging process

Reduces stress

I could keep going but I hoping this was enough to at least get you to start meditating this week. I can promise your kids, spouse, friends, co-workers and more will enjoy the new meditating you:) So, take a deep breath and OM.






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