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It’s no secret that the right amount of sleep has a significant impact on your health, physiological and psychological states. Not only can it give your immune system a boost, but catching between seven and nine hours of quality ZZZ’s helps maintain blood pressure, reduces stress, relaxes muscles and heightens alertness and concentration levels.


Naturally, all of this knocks on to our overall wellness level. But how do we define wellness? It’s not just saying, ‘I feel well’ or ‘That’s nice.’ It’s so much more than that.  


Wellness is not only a physical state but also a state of mind in which you consciously decide to lead a healthy and satisfying life actively. This dynamic process grows on you the more you feel the benefits. And no! It’s not just in your physique. If you are doing it right, you will feel total equilibrium with those around you, spurred by a complete physical and mental harmony in a body without frailness and disease.


Sleep forms an integral part of your wellness strategy. Without it, you can forget the rest. And we are going to look at ten of the most compelling ways to maximize your sleep and improve on it for wellness.

Routine is king

Remember, you have made the conscious decision to lead a healthy and satisfying life actively. To do that, establishing a fixed routine is the key – and yes! Even on weekends. The body gets used to a certain thing like meal times, exercise, any moments in the day during which it works at high power and others when it gradually shuts down. But you do not have to sacrifice variety and spontaneity to do this. On the contrary, be creative by jogging a different route or cooking new dishes for example. All that matters is that you subconsciously know when you need to prepare for bed. The mind will do the rest when it realizes the bedtime podcast is playing, the lights are dimmed, and you are dressed for the occasion.   

Unwind before bed

This point leads on from the previous one. Don’t do any exercise shortly before bedtime. Try and eject stressful thoughts and worries that cannot be taken care of at that moment. You will feel fresher in the morning and ready to deal with anything.  

Stop working or watching TV

You are successful and hard work is one of the reasons for that. That is fine. Try and limit your screen intake from smartphones, laptops and the TV at least an hour before bed because the light disrupts the circadian cycle.

Avoid heavy meals and too much caffeine (no coffee after 3 p.m.)

Have you ever tried to get some shut-eye with your belly bursting at the seams? It’s nigh impossible. No matter how many times you toss and turn, your tummy is as full as it was a moment ago. Do yourself a favor and have a light meal in the evenings.

Choose the right sleeping surface

Information is king. Go to authority Mattress matcher sites to gather knowledge on the right sleeping surface. Also, know yourself – are you a tummy, back or side sleeper? All of that will have an impact on what you sleep on.


Keep cortisol levels low

You are a temple of wellness. Make sure everybody understands that. Keep that bad boy hormone cortisol down. No heated discussions with your partner or worrying about other things in the evening. There is nothing like stress to make sleep the most elusive something on the planet.   

Avoid alcohol and nicotine

If you are really into wellness the chance that you smoke is slim. However, you might enjoy the occasional glass of wine. If you do, no booze at least an hour before bed.

Have a sleep temple

Your bedroom and the scents, colors, and vibe therein are critical. Make especially sure you love your bedroom and the sheets upon which you sleep.

Always make sleep a priority

In most cases, this should be point number one, but you have already committed to wellness, so you are one step ahead of the crowd. This is just a friendly reminder not to forfeit sleep for more time. And yes, we all know there are only 24 hours in a day. You will figure it out.   


Last but not least

If you cannot fall asleep, do not stress about it. Remember what we said about elevated cortisol levels. Get out of bed and do something else until you gradually calm down. The same goes if you wake up during the night and can’t fall asleep again.     


Guest Post by James:

 My name is James S. Ronalo and I am really into pursuing a healthy lifestyle and getting the right amount of quality sleep is a crucial component. Along with a few other hacks such as routine and the right diet. 


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