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When Sophie & I joined The Bliss Movement, we knew it was so much BIGGER than us!  We knew it went far beyond its two thousand plus members, and we knew our leadership team was a group of people determined to change the world. What we didn’t realize was how quickly that change would happen. The Bliss Movement started just a few short months ago, and we have already saved 586 Lives!

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friday-quote to heal

I know many are hurting right now. But I am confident the citizens of this great country will come to together and show the world  that we are still the UNITED States of America. Take the time this

weekend to smile at one another, open the door for others, say thank you & show people empathy.  Allow yourself to be open to whatever arises with non-judgment and acceptance.

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Loved this one so I had to share! Have a super weekend.  Get out there and have some fun.

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