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Every year millions of people shout out their New Years Resolution only to fall short of it 30 days later.  Most of the time this happens because we choose to go it alone or our plan is less than optimal.  Let 2019 be the year you ditch the resolutions and team up with The Bliss Movement.

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Making This Decision Will Change Your Life

When you join The Bliss Movement,

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When you meet Natasha for the first time, you know you have encountered one of those people who will move mountains to help you achieve your dreams. She applies her expansive skill set and tireless work ethic to every project she sets out to conquer, whether it be personal, for her community, or for her clients. A creative professional and business enthusiast, Natasha Lee-Maxwell is a Business Consultant and CEO of MYDCT Corp, who is vivaciously taking the business world by storm.

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Fleur de Flamenco

A little bit about Lori Kullberg

Fleur de Flamenco is a chronicle of my adventures and experiences as I learn the Spanish art form of flamenco dancing. I share with the flamenco community my trials, dreams, and aspirations of being a student of this art form and culture and provide an interesting perspective into the universal nature of the study of flamenco.

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