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No one can deny that household upkeep takes a lot of time and a lot of effort. There is even the phrase of „becoming the house’s slave“ when we realize just how much of our time we devote to cleaning our home and making sure everything looks prim and proper. Unfortunately, it often results in stress, loss of willingness for other activities, and can trigger bouts of laziness we’ll rarely admit possessing. So how exactly can we battle the stress chores bring?

Make a battle plan

Making lists, scheduling and planning can actually take a big load of stress off your shoulders. Every chore can be scheduled for a specific time, based on other chores, your work hours, or other obligations. See which days work better for you to take on larger tasks, like cleaning the bathroom or scrubbing up the kitchen. Leave smaller chores for busier days, when you’re simply feeling tired and worn out. Setting up a plan for the whole week will help you get more organized, as you’ll know when the next chore is and what it will be.  

Split the chores

Another way to relieve yourself of a chore headache is to split them evenly between the residents of your home. Whether you live with a big or small family, or just with a partner, this move could save you a lot of trouble. The first thing is to make a list of chores each of you likes and dislikes to do, or alternatively – which ones you find easy and which ones are just tiresome and boring. Maybe something you hate to do someone else finds effortless and has no problem taking it off your hands. Needless to say, we all have at least one such chore – just imagine the relief!

Gear up properly

Most people are unaware that household chores are difficult, taxing, and a pain in the neck to do because of poor tools or gear. Check your appliances for malfunctions, such as dust clogs in your vacuum cleaner, or washing machine filter, and call Total Appliance repair center to do a regular checkup. Because all the stress could be coming not from the difficulty of the chore, but from the poor state of your appliances. And when it comes to tools, finding mops with longer handles will help with your back, and antibacterial rags that reduce the number of times you will wipe that single window pane. With the right gear, it takes less time and trouble.

Go digital

Sometimes, we tend to forget that one (or several) chores we said would be done by the weekend. But due to other obligations, it’s been put off indefinitely, and now you find yourself during the weekend, doing the last thing you felt like, instead of resting. This is where your phone comes in very handy. To ensure you don’t forget a chore, whether it’s loading the laundry, or getting groceries, set up an alarm that will remind you of what needs to be done that day. When life is hectic, we tend to put non-urgent thoughts in the back of our mind, resulting in piled up chores and subsequently – stress.

Outsource help

For those who live alone, or with someone who can’t help in splitting household duties, there is a solution. Outsourcing help is a great stress-relief, granted that your wallet can take it. There is a mountain of companies and individuals who offer their services, and it doesn’t have to be a long-term engagement. Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed at the moment, and a one-time deal is just as beneficiary. All it takes is one call to make a lot of headaches disappear.

Reduce work

Your place doesn’t have to be perfectly clean 24/7. Unless you need a sterile living space due to health issues, there is no difference between say, vacuuming every day, and every three days. Of course, a number of chores depend on a great number of factors, such as other residents, financial situation, eating habits and so on. That doesn’t mean you can’t get practical and find ways to save the time and trouble by reducing some of your work. Small bouts of chore duty every day are good, longer and more demanding ones put a strain on your body AND mind.

Final thoughts…

The best solutions are usually the smallest ones. Simple changes in our behavior, such as planning chores on specific days, setting alarms to remind us of the mundane – but ultimately important – tasks can go a long way. Technical issues can also slow down your chore duties, so checking the appliances every once in a while will speed up the process. And when all is said and done, hiring outside help is far from „throwing the towel“, because more often than not, everyday life becomes overwhelming and a lending hand is all we need to keep a peace of mind.


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