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Fleur de Flamenco

A little bit about Lori Kullberg

Fleur de Flamenco is a chronicle of my adventures and experiences as I learn the Spanish art form of flamenco dancing. I share with the flamenco community my trials, dreams, and aspirations of being a student of this art form and culture and provide an interesting perspective into the universal nature of the study of flamenco.

Me dancing with my daughters (a huge part of my flamenco journey)

Why I started blogging

I  started it because I was feeling so many emotions surrounding this form of dance. It is so expressive and fierce. My love of dance and writing merged into the creation of my blog. I wanted to write about my journey and hopefully, share with others on the same path.


Me dancing at a Mayor’s press conference for a global world Fest event here in Louisville, KY


My niche

My niche seems to be still evolving and is expanding to incorporate categories I didn’t initially think of. The original intent was to reach fellow flamenco dancers who are also in pursuit of this demanding art form and share experiences. But in my love of flamenco and travel to Spain to study, it has opened the door for a niche with travel bloggers, as well. There is so much beauty and culture involved. In addition, I have found that my blog holds an appeal with lifestyle and family bloggers because I talk about dancing with my daughters and sharing this adventure with them, being a middle-aged woman trying to dance such a physically demanding form, and also being a plus size woman and how that has affected my dancing ability and confidence. I think I offer positive reinforcement that size and age should not keep you from pursuing your passion.

 My trip to Spain


Let’s Connect

Read my latest post:

The family I chose

I would love to hear about your flamenco experiences! I can be reached via email:  lori.kullberg@yahoo.com



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2 thoughts on “Women in Business Spotlight: Lori Kullberg of Fleur de Flamenco

  1. I’ve only experienced Flamenco dancing on TV and find it a very beautiful and passionate dance. Looking forward to seeing it live some day!

    Posted on 02/12/2017 at 2:51 am